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Would you like to take part in a challenge that really matters? Would you like to make a difference?

Pledge to go for 200 days without buying new clothes. Till the end of the year. Most of us haven’t bought anything in the past couple of months, so let’s continue this beneficial habit at least till the end of the year.


Why would you do that? Why would you join in?

We spend on average 500£-1000£ per year on new clothes. We wear it a few times or not even once and it ends up in a charity shop. As a result, you will save this small fortune and spend it on something that really matters.


Deborah Meaden (Dragons Den, BBC) made a promise at the beginning of the year not to buy any new clothes and accessories. Why not to follow this example?

In addition, It is so beneficial for our mental wellness, environment, and wallets to mend and upcycle our clothing: self-confidence boost, extending life span of clothing, and preventing it from going to the landfills.

You will learn to be self-sufficient and shop in your own closet first, curbing consumerism habits is so liberating!

‘We have enough clothing on the planet right now to clothe the next 6 (Six!) generations of the human race.  We have to find ways of using what we’ve got’ (Patrick Grant, BBC)

While writing this article I was wearing one of my favourite dresses: I made it from a top that became too tight at the bottom and a sweatshirt that I bought in a charity shop a few years ago. I didn’t wear these items separately, but, oh dear! I love wearing them together as this dress! Trust me, everything has a potential to bring us more joy in years to come. If you want to learn more, I have an online course Learn to Upcycle Your Clothes A-Z.  For more details, link below.  

In the meantime, you are welcome to join my group Slow Fashion Bus – Upcycle and Mend (link here) and take part in this challenge. It is a lovely community of like-minded people, where we share ideas and our experiences.


So what do I need to do? – you might ask. It is that simple. Don’t buy any new clothes, pre-loved and vintage is an exception. Talk to your family and friends and pick 3-5 lucky ones to join you in this challenge. Do it together, it will be more fun. Share ideas and experiences and try to find solutions together.


You might see the potential again in your favourite in the past top or a skirt. Or maybe you will decide to learn a few stitches and embroider them?

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