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Guys’n’No Dolls

Once upon a time, I came up with an idea to run a ‘men only’ sewing class. But how to go about it?

So, I decided to test the waters and scheduled a sewing class, and called it ‘Guys’n’Stitches’. The post had a cover photo with denim colors, and a few sentences about ‘sewing a button on without anyone’s help and impressing their partners’.

So, I waited and waited and shared the post everywhere. Nothing happened and the class started as normal without any bravery and courage joining in as I planned. So, I forgot about this idea for a while…

Fancy Some Sewing in your Free Time?

In the meantime, I noticed that if you look around for activities – there are so many activities for mums, with kids, without kids, in the morning, in the evening, over the weekend, etc. what do men do? What options do they have? Gym, or swimming pool, or any other sports activities? I haven’t seen anything other than that. What about just relaxing your mind, relaxing your body and do some slow stitching meditation?

How do they make friends? In the local pub? Hmm…. what about having a chat and a laugh and meet new people at a sewing class? We have so many fashion designers – men. Amazing! What if this becomes your hobby? And you will be able to make a gift for your partner, and a handmade gift is the best one! Aren’t you curious to learn how this works and see what you can do with this skill? Sewing is amazing for mental health. Do men have ‘me time’ nowadays? I am not sure… they are always on the run.

At the beginning of March this year, I went to a Women’s Institute Evening in our town and someone asked me If I found any members for my club? No, I didn’t, yet! And this made me think and ask myself ‘why?’. Did I try hard enough? Did I do my best? Was I convincing? 

Looking for those who are Keen to Try!

So, I will still be working on this challenge, putting a new post out there, being as much straightforward as I could, and I promised to arrange a ‘Men only’ classes for those who are interested


I am very keen to meet those, who are interested and curious to try sewing and mending,  if you are keen to join my ‘Men Only’ class, please do get in touch here. You will have fun, learning this unique skill. 

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