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Is Your Wardrobe Winter-Ready?

We still have time to enjoy warm summer weather. But there are so many hints around us in nature about autumn. We will crave something warmer, more snuggly to wear. We will be watching gold around us in the air, on trees, and on the ground. Autumn is the time for reflection. 

It is also the time when I recommend going through your summer clothes, make sure any tiny issues are taken care of, before you put summer dresses away for a well-deserved break. 

As I mentioned in one of my previous blogs, I think around September last year, (link here) there are a few things that are worth keeping in mind before putting your summer clothes away and taking out your warmer outfits. Even if you do not put your seasonal clothes away and have it all together in the same space (you are lucky!) I would still recommend storing your lovely summer dresses and other garments in fabric bags to reduce wear and tear and protect from dust and light. Make sure that all holes are mended too, all buttons are sewn on and all broken stitches are taken care of as well. So, when you take them out next spring again – they will be ready for you to enjoy!


So, now, let’s talk about autumn! Yes, it will soon be upon us, and I would love to share a few tips with you to help you to save a small fortune and enjoy your clothes for longer.

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You are dressing up for yourself

Many many many years ago, I stopped caring about what people think about my clothes. I wear it for myself, I wear it to feel good, joyful, confident, and comfortable, of course. When I make a choice about wearing a particular garment, I am guided by my own preferences and opinions about colour, style etc., not someone else’s. Corporate office doesn’t count here. So, what I am trying to say here, no one remembers what Christmas jumper you were wearing last year, so don’t rush to give it away and buy new. The same with all other stuff.

Sustainable clothes style eco friendly upcycled clothes online courses how to upcycle mend online workshops learn to upcycle clothes

I like bright and I like bold: it makes me feel good, it gives me joy. Sometimes I am the only one in bright and colourful clothes during my school run, and this is fine! I am happy and if it were in my power, I would paint all buildings in my town in rainbow colours. This will make people happier: there is valuable case studies that demonstrate this too. Better to make your own decisions and wear what is best for you.

Sustainable Upcycled Unique Clothing, Slow Fashion, Handmade

By the way, I am writing this article on Monday. My alarm was set for 6.30, but I woke up at 5 am. Birds were singing loudly, I didn’t know what I was going to do, I just relaxed, meditated for a bit, and decided to get up and write something, and here you go! 🙂 

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Sustainable clothes style eco friendly upcycled clothes online courses how to upcycle mend online workshops learn to upcycle clothes

Ignore the fast fashion. Fall in love with slow

I love my clothing and I have been wearing some of my garments for a decade or longer. But nowadays, it is quite easy to fall into the trap of fast fashion never-ending sales campaigns, new trends, and collections. Don’t buy another dress, another skirt, etc, just because the well-rehearsed phycological tricks of advertisers told you so. Please, don’t. When you have your own opinion, your own style, you have cash for something more important. Learn to love your clothing, learn to be loyal to it. Simple. Chances are, that you will be excited about the new item, and you will forget about it the next day. This is how marketing works. Again, studies have demonstrated this phenomenon.

We are programmed to want more and again and again, thinking that it will make us happy. But it doesn’t work that way. Life is fulfilling and enjoyable not because we have many dresses and tops in the wardrobe, but because of experiences we have daily and how we can learn to be happy with fewer material things. Joy and peace come from within.

Fast fashion clothing is designed to last for a few wears or a few laundry cycles and be a disposable item. Mending your clothes, buying upcycled, pre-loved or vintage is not a sign of wealth or status, it is a sign of respect towards those people who make them, and care for our planet. Look for items of better quality. They will last longer. 

Sustainability in the key

The most sustainable things are those that we already have. I would like to mention here that I love charity shops and vintage markets. There are some treasures waiting to be discovered. And if you didn’t have a chance to browse, I would really recommend having a look. 

Don’t miss an opportunity to buy a beautiful piece of clothing for a lower price. We are not asking for a brand-new bedlinen set in a hotel, right? Or new cotton napkins, or dishes in a restaurant… Renting clothes is also becoming popular in case you have a special event coming. Think about it, you will like it! Anyway, this is much better than supporting the fast fashion movement. 

Sustainable clothes style eco friendly upcycled clothes online courses how to upcycle mend online workshops learn to upcycle clothes

For example, it takes around 2500 gals of water to make a new pair of jeans in addition to the chemicals that are being washed away. One person drinks around 15 gals per month (then jeans water use equates to almost 14 years’ worth of drinking). Don’t give your favorite pair of jeans away, mend it, patch it, add a nice detail to it, and love it again! The fashion industry is regarded as the second polluting in the world.

Be proud of your new skill

This is the time when you will have a fresh look at your autumn-winter garments, and you might have some ideas about how to improve them or restyle them. This is where you can have so much fun! You just need a very basic set of tools – even something like a travel sewing kit: some thread, needles, pins, and a pair of scissors, in addition to that. You can always expand on this later!

Running stitch, back stitch, and blanket stitch are very versatile and will give you a lot of different options of how to fix things. With every completed project, every button sewn on, or every seam mended – you will feel proud and more and more confident. How joyful it is! And this might be a great hobby to have as well!

Sustainable clothes style eco friendly upcycled clothes online courses how to upcycle mend online workshops learn to upcycle clothes

Become your own fashion designer

While going through your autumn-winter clothing, you can put aside those garments, that you would like to improve.

A few things you can do to start with

  • Changing the buttons in the garment will make a noticeable difference. Pick something bright and joyful and use them instead of black or grey ones;
  • Adding a different collar or sleeve cuffs, or pocket panels will make a statement;
  • You can add some decorative embroidery, stitching to your jumper (on the sleeves, neckline, at the bottom), scarf, hat or other knitwear – this idea is so versatile, and you can hide any garment defects in this way too.

Don’t pack some of your autumn-winter clothing straight away to take to charity shops, there are so many ways to enjoy these garments for longer! And you will love spending more time doing something very relaxing and fulfilling. Let your clothing bring you joy again! 


Olesya  (Slow Fashion Bus)