Learn to Sew! Around the Country Sewing Gig: 'Guys'n'​ Stitches'​

We all hear a lot about the fast fashion and its harm to the environment – around 650,000 tonnes of unwanted clothing are collected annually in the UK from charity shop donations, door-to-door charity collections, car park clothing banks, school collections, and the recently introduced high street take-back schemes. In addition to the environment, it is not doing any good for our wallets: we are buying cheap disposable clothing, again and again, that doesn’t last long. And to make it all worse, fast fashion affects our mental wellbeing: we keep on chasing a dream and an inaccessible lifestyle idea when looking at the carefully designed ads and wanting more, and thinking that this can fix all our problems.



There is a small adjustment that can be made to our habits, and a very useful skill can be learned, and it is a great solution to a big problem: sewing and mending. This was demonstrated to be so beneficial for our mental health: we are proud of our own creative skills and accomplishments, and we are so happy to show it all off by wearing it. It is a great conversation starter too! This skill extends the life of our garments and keeps them away from the landfill. We appreciate our clothing and enjoy it for longer, and don’t spend money again and again for new garments. It is that simple. There is no excuse ‘I am busy’, ‘I cannot’: We all need some quiet and relaxing time and sewing is so therapeutic!


I am going on an around the country gig ‘Guys’n’ Stitches’. I am passionate about textile waste reduction, I love teaching and inspiring people to be creative. The route is still being finalized, which covers Greater Manchester, Stoke-on-Trent, Leicester, and Derby to start with; this will include small towns and villages. This project will be recorded and produced as a documentary. During the gig I will:


·        Give talks about the hidden impact of fast fashion on our planet, our wallets and mental health.


·        Give demonstrations.


·        Teach basic sewing, mending, and alterations techniques that are very useful in day to day life.


·        In addition, I will be giving away basic sewing kits to those that participate.

This will only be possible with support from YOU! Every little bit can make a big difference! I started a fundraiser the link is below; I am gaining support, still, need you! Please share with those who care. Funding support link here.