Learn to Upcycle Your Clothes A-Z

Online Interactive Course: relaxed and enjoyable learning, at your own pace and time. 

Be Sustainable, Be Unique!

The course empowers you with the necessary knowledge, understanding and skills, so you will be able to create your own unique projects, taking into account many different factors. 

Packed with projects, ideas, inspiration! 

As a Part of this Course You will Get:

My PDF e-book: around 70 pages of useful, easy to digest info and pictures. You can refer to it any time! It includes information about upcycling categories and is helpful when you start working on the garments that you can turn into joyful items (whether you currently wear them or not).

You will learn the most important and versatile hand sewing skills, I will teach you a few stitches every session. Therefore, this will help you to mend your clothes, add a nice colourful detail to your garments to make them look more joyful.

Plus lots of useful information, so you can learn more and implement it to improve your personal relationship with your clothes.

Tasks, practice sessions, tips and ideas and regular live sessions in my support group. 

As the Result of this Course You will:

Save a small fortune, by upcycling your clothes and being able to re-sparkle your existing garments in different ways; curb your consumerism habits, this is so liberating. 

Become much more sustainable and eco-friendly, whilst making your everyday clothing choices. 

Learn your colour palette and avoid making expensive mistakes, buying something that won’t suit you (colour, style, fabric).

Learn useful hand sewing techniques to transform your clothes quickly and with minimum effort.

Use your creativity and imagination; this is so beneficial for your mental wellness. This will be your self-expression, not someone else’s.

All you need to do is purchase one of my pdf e-books, I usually recommend the General one (unless you love denim or would like to work with jerseys and light weight knits). 

Click on the link below to check available pdf e-books. 

If you have any enquiries, you can always reach out for me on Social Media or complete the form below. 

Thank you!