DIY and How To

Save my Knees and More…

Raising kids is not an easy breeze fun when it comes to making sure they have comfortable and durable clothes. I have two boys, 3 and 5 and it makes it a bit better with hand-me-downs.

What is very noticeable, how fast their trousers and jeans get worn out on the knees.  In the last few months, I patched around 7-10 pairs. This saved a bit as I did not have to look for replacements and the important part in this case – then they run around and fall over, and it hurts – their knees are better protected. This saves us some ‘upsets and cries’ and painful healing time too. This makes things a bit easier to handle, even though I had to spend some time patching the knees.

I know, some parents have prejudice against their kids or themselves wearing patched clothes. But who cares when it comes to my kids being comfortable and protected a little bit better when they fall over?

Yes, we do buy sometimes ripped jeans and pay for the ‘holes’, this is fine, but when it comes to little runners and jumpers and crawlers, style and fashion should be the last things to worry about. It is all about the comfort, durability, and protection. Have some slow stitching meditation as well! You will love it! 

So how can you patch up a pair?

The fabrics you can use: denim, cotton, corduroy, canvas or anything similar and strong enough to be a protection. I am sure we all have some fabric scraps at home, or some old clothes that can be used for patches.  

Needle and thread and the easiest stitch to use – running stitch.

The patch size should be enough to cover the front panel of the trousers in width and the height of the patch should be around 3-4 cm longer than area of the worn out knee area.

Follow the link below to the video that I made a while ago. I show how I fixed a few pairs and what stitches and fabrics I used. Hope you will find it useful!