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‘Shop with Confidence’ – What will be Your ‘New Normal’?

There is a lot going on about the new ‘normal’. What will it be like? How will it feel? How will it look like? 

The answer is – it will be in the way we create it, someone else will not do it for us. And we should start now.

Shop with Confidence, will You?

As the consumer, we are ‘urged to shop with confidence’. The area of concern here is textile waste that will be the result.

The garment manufacturers and retailers are pushing an unthinkable number of clothes collections on people to meet their profit targets. The companies are coming up with the carefully designed ads saying that the customer needs new clothes to be happy. And as many are addicted to consumerism, they will respond to this in the way the retailers want. It is difficult to resist, if you believe in it. 

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No, we don’t need piles of stuff in our closets to be happy. And NOW is the time to rethink our consumerism habits. It is so easy. Get yourself off the hook.


I encourage people to go for 200 days without buying new clothes. And considering that a lot of shops were closed and only a few are still doing online trade – it is common that a lot of people won’t buy any clothes and it’s been already a couple months. Good start! Well done if you had courage too!


Definitely, there are different case scenarios and we all have different circumstances. But here, it goes about disrespectful attitude towards clothing that is, unfortunately, very often a part of the shopping experience.  

What Can I Do?

There are so many ways out: shopping in yor closet first is a good start. We wear 20% of our clothes 80% of time. This will also save you a small fortune! We spend around 500-1000£ on average per year on new clothes, that will be worn only a few times. 

It is also a good time to learn a new skill – sewing, mending, and upcycling, time to be creative, time to support small businesses more. Time to chose sustainable and eco friendly. This is our chance. As I promote textile waste reduction, I don’t support consumerism and encourage people to be self-sufficient when it comes to looking after their clothes. I encourage others to support small businesses as this is what helps our communities. 

If you are interested to learn how to Upcycle and Mend your clothes, I have something special for you! Check my online interactive course: Learn to Upcycle Your Clothes A-Z.  

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