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Upcycled with LOVE and our Planet in Mind – This is how I Create

End of July: we have just come back from our lovely holiday at the seaside. It left me feeling really inspired to write a little piece about my creations, and share how I pay attention to every detail when my little babies (yes, this is what I call all my beautiful creations) are going to a new home.

I’ve also included a little bit about my ‘Wardrobe Philosophy’ here too. It may resonate with you.

A Garment as an Investment

I look at a piece of clothing as an investment. Durability and a classic look are the keys; plus, I know that I will look after it. Not being a fan of fashion, especially fast fashion, as you might guess. Fashion is someone else’s opinion about what looks good and trendy. It is also a way of prompting people to buy new products on a regular basis and create peer pressure for others to do the same. It is not something I support. I prefer a personal and unique style, and with this comes my joy, not someone else’s. I prefer garments that are a part of my life, my memories, they are like my friends, always with me – high or low. It might seem more expensive initially, but over time they are more cost-effective.

Sustainable clothes style eco friendly upcycled clothes online courses how to upcycle mend online workshops learn to upcycle clothes

Irrespective of cost, I treat my all garments with respect, no matter where I buy them: a charity shop (which happens in most cases) or a retail store (rarer). I don’t have any prejudice against buying pre-loved or vintage. When we stay in a hotel – we are not asking for a brand-new bedlinen or towels… a loose analogy, but it helps to support the point.

Durable and Joyful

Some key points come to mind: I pay attention to the durability of the garment. Also, I consider what else I could do to make it even more durable and stress-free for the new owner. So I add a mending pack to every garment that I ship. When I create, there are trimmings, which I retain and use them where I can (either as stuffing for toys or including material in mending packs. I believe that all my garments are cared for by their new owners; however, from time to time, accidents happen, so I offer this small peace of mind.

Mending garments is surprisingly relaxing and therapeutic. If you are not sure how to correctly mend the garment yourself, I am always happy to give you some advice on how to do that, or you can find someone locally in your community who will mend it for you. If you would love to check my shop and find something special just for you, link here: SLOW FASHION BUS. 

How do You Store your Garment?

There are many ways, depending on the space you have and the type of garment. I always request my customers to store the garment folded, in the fabric bag that I include with the purchase. Using hangers is not recommended as they might damage or stretch the garment. In addition to the mending pack and garment bag, I include a personal garment care card.

Finally, I always include a nice little surprise! Unique surprises and unique experiences for different seasons!

Is it a Present for a Loved One?

If you decide to purchase one of my creations as a present for someone else – yes, I take care of those too- just let me know that this is a present and the name of the recipient! With a special message and a card, the surprise will be very pleasant and joyful.

My Ideal Customer

Those who understand that they have a unique one-off creation and design are my ideal customers.

At this moment, this is my full-time passion, full-time job, and even more. I work and charge for it, using all my skills, and knowledge. You can find all my projects on my website here and also my Etsy Shop: Slow Fashion Bus.  

I think everyone would have two types of customers:

  1. Oh yes, this is so great, I would love that!
  2. Oh, sorry, thank you, I will find something cheaper.

I put all my effort and energy into my creations. I detach myself from my home and family, I dive all in when I work on my creations. I am one-to-one with each one of them. They all have different personalities. They are unique and special. I spend time with the item. Time is a limited resource that sooner or later runs out. Therefore, I choose what I spend it for. My family is important, my passion is important. I recharge myself with energy and strength while spending my time with my family and while working with my creations. And this energy is being put into all the designs that I work on.

My designs are not mass-produced items, they are all unique and nothing repeats. We always have a choice. And in this case, there are always less expensive designs, fast fashion, and mass-produced options.  

Be Joyful – Wear Upcycled! 

Lots of LOVE

Olesya x