Why I am Starting a Sewing Gig around the UK

In August 2019, I attended a Repair Café event in Market Harborough, UK. What they do is amazing, and I loved it! Immediately I knew that I wanted to start something similar in my town.

I assessed the risks and opportunities and decided to focus on my passion for textile waste reduction.

Early in February, I decided to expand with the idea of traveling around the UK. The plan is to give away free sewing kits, carry out demonstrations on the basics of sewing and mending clothing; plus giving talks about fast fashion and its impact on the environment. I will also share the mental wellness benefits of sewing and mending.


So, how do I do this with two children: one attending nursery three days a week, the other at school full time. Can I just ‘pack and go’? Even though I can drive, I still need to pass my UK driving test…


Message to my husband: ‘’I have this idea, and I wish I could pack and go, no chance…’’ 


Next message, five seconds later: “I WILL do it! There is a way!”

We can all go together; he will stay with the kids in hotels on route! There are weekends and other opportunities too!


Without a moment’s hesitation, he said “Of course! He always supported my passion, even when I had hard times deciding what path I should take.

Almost two weeks later, here I am, with quite a few donations, and counting, which already makes this possible for me to start my gig locally.


This is amazing, and I am so humbled to receive donations from complete strangers (and close friends), because they share this belief and passion. I am so grateful! They believe that sewing and mending should be back in our households, and they are passing my message on to others. Sewing and mending are so beneficial for our environment, wallets and mental wellness.


I will have a jar with me on tour for more kind donations from people, so I can keep on going.


In the meantime, I am putting some info together that can be sent by email to charity shops to have my talks and demos on their premises. The core objective is to promote textile waste reduction and make it fun! I encourage people to go for 200 days or longer without buying any new clothing, and I outsource the materials that I use for my beautiful creations from charity shops. So, I think these will be perfect locations for my gig.

I believe that all garments deserve love and care and a second chance. I believe that there should not be any place for cheap plastic garments in our wardrobe so they can be easily thrown away without any thought. I love soft silk, cotton, cuddly wool, the texture of corduroy, bright colours of tartan and amazing durability of denim. I respect my clothes and those who made it.


If you want to be a part of this, please share the post. 

I love giving clothes a second chance.

Have a look at my collection, check info about my online courses. 

Meet me on my sewing gig around the country: ‘Guys’n’Stitches’ !

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Love is contagious 🙂


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